S2E02 “Spring is Sprung”: the Land of Orphan Socks

This episode finds the Backers ruminating on the theme “Spring is Sprung”. There’s palpable excitement as PAKA sweaters, backed in season 1, have arrived. Chris drinks a gose which affords Brian space to pronounce his profound disgust in a choice of beverage that is “spoiled beer”. The Backers discuss the news that a Kickstarter executive is throwing shade at Indiegogo for fudging their numbers. Brian puts spring in his step with a campaign that will disincentivize sock demons from carrying his garments to the Land of Orphan Socks. Chris bends this fortnight’s theme to his will with a very literal interpretation of “spring” to back a new clicky pen, while also backing a once in a lifetime record by a couple that has been performing together for two decades.

Next time on Backers: channeling our inner Steve Perry with “Be Good to Yourself”.

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Chris’s Backed Projects

Jonathan & Amanda Noël make a Once-in-a-Lifetime LIVE Record by Jonathan & Amanda Noël

Mark One: A Minimal, Durable, Retractable Pen. by Dan Provost & Tom Gerhardt

Brian’s Backed Project


SOLOSOCKS No-Shows – The World’s Best Summer Socks by SOLOSOCKS

S1E12 – Photography… ain’t he unglamo-rays?

This episode contains some reminiscing about 1970s sci-fi TV when the Backers experienced prepubescent forces beyond all comprehension. They regather themselves to the present to talk about the torture of Kickstarter exclusives. Brian makes a decisive click of the mouse to back some bespoke cocktail glassware. There’s talk about a light bulb that went to space and back, and a VR project that has been aggravating its backers for almost half a decade. Finally, the Backers find themselves scanning through the pictorial Photography campaigns. Therein, they discover a couple projects that have unique approaches to breathing life into images that have been buried in national archives… and along the way they learn that maybe NASA has no idea how people drink.

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S1E11 – Music… qwistles, metal, and dunking, oh my!

In this episode, the Backers train their ears on the Music category and find that the sounds of these projects stimulate sense memories of experiences from their pasts. They each share some of the influences that guided their personal relationships with music. Chris rekindles his enjoyment of the ska genre, gets a crash course in Scottish Smallpipes and gains motivation to 3D print his own Qwistle. Brian flashes his metal horns only to find himself swept away by images of naked lovers, battle wounds of love, wandering desert vagabonds and ships lost at sea.

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S1E07 – Film & Vidéo… we’re gonna need a montage

The Backers focus their lenses on the Film & Vidéo category. Chris and Brian are feeling classy, drinking red wine and, yes, we’re putting the e-acute on vidéo. A couple rewards from previously backed campaigns come to fruition and we discuss the reintroduction of the Drip platform. Then we move on to the world of moving pictures and sojourn through self-made footwear, a cursed ColecoVision, the hidden stories of software, a single dad in a unique situation, and critical thought technologies. We wrap up with creative sci-fi and animation projects that are finding support on Kickstarter because network suits just don’t get it.

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S1E06 – Fashion… isn’t everyone nude for unboxing?

This week finds the Backers swept up in the hysteria of a new iPhone release and caught within the Fashion category which may be the nexus of enamel pin projects. The Fashion category presents its own distinct and sizable milieu which leads the Backers down many paths, but also results in some surprising commonalities. Join Chris and Brian in their urbane safari, during which it’s entirely possible that someone disrobes for an obscure ritual.

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S1E01 – Let’s back some Art!

We’re back, and this time we actually backed things! This is a discussion about the Backers’ first assignment, to back a project from the Art category on Kickstarter. Brian and Chris grapple with the expectations they had before examining approximately 300 art campaigns and how that tracked with what they found once they dived in. We are introduced to the vibrant economy of enamel pins, naked money grabs, lost Michael Jackson heads, and an ode to Marcel Duchamp.

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If you don’t wish to be spoiled as to which campaigns we backed, read no further! Otherwise, blaze on.

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