S1E04 – Dance… why did it have to be dance?

The Dance category has been a source of worry and angst to the Backers since the podcast’s inception. Does it live up to their disquieted expectations? Can our intrepid duo overcome their creeping dread and find something that appeals to them? Find out the answer to these burning questions and learn everything you ever wanted to know about headless robotic animals in this week’s episode.

Episode Links and Assorted Information

Brian received his Solar Orbits Mug from the Solar System at a Date campaign from the Arts category!

If you don’t wish to be spoiled as to which campaigns we backed, read no further! Otherwise, blaze on.

Brian’s Picks

Backed project: Sit, Eat and Chew 五味杂陈 by Mei-Yin Ng.

Chris’s Picks

Backed project: The Movement Project – 3rd Annual Dance Show by Cecilia Woods.


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